Saturday, 24 April 2010

Mirror Me: I am not afraid to mix prints...

*Edit* i.e I totally forgot

Scarf: Clockhouse
Sweater: C and A
Top: Gift from roommie :)
Jeans: White House Black Market
Boots: Barnes and Nobles

My Darling Devotees,

Say hello to Mirror Me, my outfit post segment!

For the longest time, there was a huge disconnect between the person I appeared to be, and the person I knew I really was, and this gap was only bridged through my personal style. Ever since I was 8 I think, I've had a huge investment in my style because it was around that time that I started to lose the ability to just be the outgoing, flamboyantly creative, whimsically free-spirited, predominantly happy person I knew I could be. I began to be more self-conscious, more reserved and more withdrawn. At first, it was just little things, like I would not like to be surrounded by people at parties, but would instead take my food and curl up in a corner with whatever novel I happened to be carrying around at the time. But it got worse, and with every additional unkindness done to me, or hardship I encountered, I withdrew even more until the difference between the way I dressed, (which was always really colourful, bright, bold and fun) and the way I acted (which was awkward and/or reserved at best and antisocial at worse) was comical. People would be amazed by my style, and they were shocked by how comfortable I was in taking what they saw as 'fashion risks' (i.e. anything that was different from the normal trends of the time) but what I saw as part of who I really was. I knew what I liked and no fleeting trend could change that, it could only enhance it.

The peak of this disparity was probably junior high and since then the gap has become a lot less evident. Today, you can barely see any resemblance of the girl I was in the girl I am today. College has sort of liberated me from the imaginary ropes I had myself in and allowed me to be the person I've always been inside. My style, which I describe as predominantly Boho-Whimsical in the summer and spring, and boho glam in the fall and winter (although it is going a sort of odd transition right now as can be seen above) is truly reflective of who I am. My friends describe me as always really energetic, bubbly, vivacious and cheerful but even though I know there are times this doesn't describe me all the time (nervous breakdown at 3 am working on english essay, anyone?) I think it's a pretty accurate description of me most of the time.

Anyway, this was just a little peak into my style history and explanation for why personal style is so important to me. My personal style spoke up for me when I couldn't speak up for myself. It told people there was something more about me than the shy, reserved girl I used to be. I decided to start doing outfit posts because individuality and personal style mean so much to me and seeing others' style can be a huge source of inspiration. I hope to elaborate more on the concept of my personal style and style history soon, so look out for that.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are your views on personal style? Do you get inspired by other people's style? What is more important to you, following trends or maintaining personal style? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


jenne said...

fantastic post frances! i love that reading how you have taken fashion to represent YOU - and isn't that what we all strive for in our lives? finding our own voice in some medium that represents the person we want to be and our own past. i love this post, lovely. hopefully after this crazy week i will see you soon. good luck with all your projects!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are soooo beautiful! I agree with the poster ahead of me- representing who you are in any way is totally wonderful.

Leia said...

Well hello pretty girl! Nice to finally see you! :)

meg said...

I think this is adorable. I love the rainboots too. Great outfit!

ellie said...

Love the should really be on TV. Or something.

LadyInRed said...

Lovely post. I'm so happy you've discovered yourself - not an easy thing to do. And you look so beautiful! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh Aury you are gorgeous; and I absolutely LOVE the way you've mixed prints here - so fabulous!

I always say draw inspiration from others, but make any and all looks your own! :)

Zmaga said...

You look great! If I saw you at a party, I would definitely like to meet you.
Personal style became very important to me in college, I just started caring about outfits, accessories and fashion in general. Don't know how that happened! :)

lily said...

what fun, looks great! You have a wonderful smile, too.

Elaine said...

I'm still trying to get used to print mixing!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

misty said...

I really love this outfit. Very cool. & sweet.

Anonymous said...

Really cute boots!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

YOU are adorable! I hope to see more "outfit" posts on your blog. It really helps connect the words to the person. MORE pics, more outfit posts! xo. -Bella Q

Debbie said...

I see my wardrobe as a direct expression of who I am, and therefore care a lot about what is in it. My personal sense of style developed more in college as well..I hated when I was younger wearing things that my mother picked out for me, so earning money and doing my own shopping was liberating! I get my fashion inspirations from browsing vintage pictures, my friends, magazines, and just whatever I feel comfortable in! If an item "calls" to me, I will wear it. :-)

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