Saturday, 9 October 2010

How to Improve Your Vocals i.e. My Top 10 Tips for improving your sound

Hi Darlings,
I mentioned earlier that I'd started taking voice classes in order to improve my sound. I'm really glad I did because there are so many valuable things that I've learnt because of this training. This is valuable information that could interest anyone be you a closet rock star or seasoned opera singer. Enjoy

1. Do not clear your throat by doing that close-mouthed coughing thing. It scratches your vocal cords and can cause you to lose your voice. Instead drink water or swallow/ lightly cough in order to clear your throat.

2. Drink TONNES of Water. Try really hard to avoid singing with a dry throat. It is aweful for your voice and doesn't sound good.

3.Don't listen and critique yourself while singing. What you hear yourself sing is different from what others here from you.

4. When you have a cough or any sickness that harms your throat do not sing.

5. Always warm up your voice before singing . Sing a particular phrase with increasing pitch and decreasing pitches or you could sing through the scales (your do-re-mis).

6.If your voice tends to be dry, drinking milk or eating chocolate some time before practice can actually help.

7. If you have a vocal performance coming up, warming up and daily practice is really important, and even if you don't have one coming up, warming up your voice at the beginning of the day is usually good, especially if you tend to sing a lot randomly throughout the day like me.

8. When singing higher notes, breathe deeper and try to open all your airways as much as you can. This is important because the tendency is that the higher we go, the more we want to close up because of innate fear of the high notes.

9. When the air is really free and you are singing on or near the top of your range, a lovely thing called vibratto can happen in which your voice sort of vibrates (haha) on whatever pitch you are singing. It's beautiful when it's natural but you shouldn't force it because it can be really bad for your voice. Also it doesn't sound as nice.

10. Always sing from your diaphragm: Seriously. I didn't take this seriously until I lost my voice the day of my voice final, after practicing everywhere I could the week up to my final. I woke up and it was gone. Thankfully my professor was lenient and I still ended up doing well but honestly try to make a conscious effort to sing from your diaphragm by using deep breaths that fill your stomach to sing.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What advice do you have for the singers out there? Any performance horror stories? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


ellie said...

I LOVE THIS. Thanks so much.

meg said...

I love your update. Great list.

Selina said...

These tips are wonderfully specific, and quite interesting. I always sing as an amateur, but this sort of amps it up a little for me. Especially for number 1...who would've thought?

Thanks Aury!

cass and cady said...

Thanks so much Aury. Great job.

better days said...

Great tips to remember. Thanks.

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