Monday, 31 May 2010

Seeking Inspiration:You ARE Wonderful!

The person that you were has died
You’ve lost the sparkle in your eyes
You fell for life - into its traps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you want that person back

And all your ammunition’s gone
Run out of fuel to carry on
You don’t know what you wanna do
Cause what you want does not want you
If what you want does not want you
And you’ve got no pull to pull you through

Gary Go's Wonderful

It's been awhile since I've done a seeking inspiration post dearest loves and this is because I've been suffering from an intense case of inspirationless living. It's been aweful. It is like being in a writer's block but 10 times worse because it seeped into all aspects of my life. Whenever I dressed up, I felt less than satisfied with my appearance. Whenever I tried to work on my music, or draw I was stumped. Even writing became a chore. I tried to persevere nonetheless. I continued with my hip hop classes, continued attempting to express myself stylistically, continued my meetings with my fellow composer, and even tried to continue blogging. It was hard. I felt like a light within me, the light that enables me to not only see but feel a steady stream of inspiration, was extinguished. As the days and weeks passed, I began to lose hope that it would return. I began to fear that my creativity well had finally run dry. As despair threatened to overcome me I realised that I really am nothing if not hopeful. I tend to have hope in the most dismal of situations and if I could not have hope in this situation, a situation that is extremely close to my heart, I would not be the person I thought I was. As if to reinforce this discovery, a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this quote:

Being defeated is often only a temporary condition. Giving up is what
makes it permanent.

Marilyn vos Savant 1946-NA

After this I began anew to look for a cure to my museless state. A lot of things I found online helped me by giving me new opportunities (that I will include in the links below) to challenge my creativity and to interact with others who shared my passion. However the realization as to what had caused me to lose my muse came to in the form of the song "Wonderful" by Gary Go. The lyrics at the beginning of this post as well as the following lyrics below explained me to a T:

If what you’ve lost cannot be found
And the weight of the world weighs you down
No longer with the will to fly
You stop to let it pass you by
Don’t stop to let it pass you by
You’ve gotta look yourself in the eye

My interests, my goals, everything about me has been changing, and in the process of trying to adapt to this change I've lost my muse. I've lost my muse because I am doubting my new self. I am not sure if I have the skills, and talent to achieve the goals I want to achieve now, and everyone knows that self-doubt is an artist's worst enemy. Doubting my abilities had put me in the inspirationless state and only if I believed in my ability to adapt will I get out of it. Hearing theThe final lines of the song:

Cause we are all miracles
wrapped up in chemicals
We are incredible
Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles
Oh we are

Say “I am”
Say “I am”
Say “I am wonderful”
Oh you are

Don’t take it for granted, no
We are all miracles
wrapped up, yeah we’re wrapped up
Oh we are wonderful

Hearing these words in this song helped push me back into believing in myself. It also showed me that being independent does not mean that I don't need social interaction. Humans are social beings and we need relationships with other living things. We need support and in situations like these, when we doubt ourselves, we need people who love and care about us to tell us that we are wonderful.

I love you my darling devotees. You are Wonderful.


Now for the inspirational exercise of the week:

How is cross-training your art going? Since I'm cross-training with music I thought I would give a musical exercise. Translate the song into your art form of choice. Get really creative- create an interpretive dance, youtube video slide show, whatever you want to express it. Also this video and this song make me really happy, so this keeps in line with my Creative Every Day challenge of June (Topic: Bliss) !!!

I haven't done mine yet because I just came up with the idea but I may make a video or a composite drawing. You'll have to wait and see (hmmm...).


Links I've Loved this week:

Ommwriter and CreaWriter are AMAZING programs for all the mac and windows writers out there (respectively). They are seriously the next best thing to hopping off to your own little cabin in the Alps (in the summer ) and working on an cute vintage-y typewriter.

Creative Every Day- Blog love that I can't believe I hadn't known about sooner! I'm currently doing the June challenge. You just need to se this.

I love this post from Frock and Roll.

Gala darling put this beautifully inspiring youtube video on her blog.

Creative creativity - another creativity blog. You just gotta love it.

I was looking for some more fellow writer support so I joined NanoWrimo, Script Frenzy and this lovely lady's blog.

This is an incredibly well-written story.

Glamourous Grad Student gives us Style Self Help.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What's been inspiring you this week? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
Lyrics for Gary Go- Wonderful on Lyrics Reg.

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Indie Appreciation Week: My Top 10 places to visit

Dearest Devotees,

Like I mentioned in my first indie appreciation week post, to me part of being independent means being free to travel and explore the world around me. I absolutely adore travelling, and I never feel more at ease with myself than when I am in the process of moving. Packing, unpacking and exploring new places are actions that are second nature to me. The way people have adventure lists of death defying/ extremely thrilling activities they want to do like bungee jumping and skydiving is the way I have a running list of places that I really want to go always at the ready. I see the world as an exciting mélange of people with different cultures, histories, and lifestyles and getting to live these experiences really thrills me. Below are the top 10 places I currently desire to see:

10.Cairo, Egypt: Oh the richness of culture with just a dash of danger that seeing the pyramids would give me! From what I've heard Cairo is a city that is just bursting with life in which the new and the old live peacefully side. I also long to have a camel ride along the desert to the sunrise.

9.Dublin, Democrat Republic of Ireland :I love Northern Ireland dearly. It is a place that is truly close to my heart and I've driven through Dublin before but I've never really seen it before. I love Gaelic. I think it’s a beautiful language and I feel it would be really nice to see it used more.

8.Dubai, United Arab Emirates- It's so exotically beautiful there and apparently they have a booming arts and crafts industry with lovely textiles and even more stunning jewelry. Add that to the enlarged beach city feel and you're looking at a lovely holiday.

7.Toronto, Canada: pure curiousity and lovely grade school friends to see.

6.Sydney, Australia: also sheer curiousity with the added possibility of running into Natalie Tran, one of my favorite youtubers.

5.Milan and Florence, Italy: Apparently they are the textile and art capitals of the world. I would love to see these assertations proved.

4.Barcelona, Spain: Been to Madrid and I liked it but something tells me I will probably fall in love with the regal elegance of Barcelona.

3.Venice, Italy: 1. It’s VENICE! 2. It may be one of the most unusual cities ever (structurally). 3. I really, really want to sail in a gondola (sea sickness be damned).

2.San Francisco, California: The Academy of Art is there and it’s my current art grad school lust. Also, it’s rumored to be a ridiculously beautiful city what with the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. 3. I am in the United States after all; therefore I must seize the day.

1.Paris, France: Fashion Capital of the world. Home of incredibly stylish men and women and land of so much inspiration. Almost anywhere else on this list can be switched around but Paris is most definitely no.1 for me.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What places in the world do you really want to see? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Love and Relationships: Music Therapy Part 4- Indie Music Love

Dearest Devotees,

In keeping with Indie Appreciation Week, here are some of my favorite indie-related songs. Some of them are by undiscovered/independent musicians, some of them have certain musical qualities (usually acoustic/ primarily vocal leanings) that lend them to being classified as "indie", and the rest of them are just songs that I feel somehow celebrate being independent. I'm also borrowing the idea of Krissy from Shimmer Like Gold, and have included links
to a complete playlist of all the songs on youtube that I will link to at the bottom of this post. Feel free to play these songs while cross-training your art, doing chores/ homework, or doing nothing at all but relaxing. Remember that if you feel constrained by the walls, there's no time like the summer to take full advantage of the great outdoors.
I hope these songs send you to your happy and proud to be independent place too :)

  1. Staind - Everything Changes
  2. Duet With Myself-Charlie McDonell
  3. Boy With A Coin- Iron and Wine
  4. Train - Hey Soul Sister (Lyrics)
  5. Miley Cyrus - My Last Song for Miley (Dave Days)
  6. Enya - Only Time (Original)
  7. Matt Hires - Honey Let me sing you a song + Lyrics
  8. ARIA ASIA - Gypsy Girl
  9. Ingrid Michaelson- The Way I Am
  10. Flyleaf - Penholder | With Lyrics
  11. Winter Song - Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson- Music Video
  12. Ingrid Michaelson - Maybe (Official Music Video)
  13. Running away ~ Midnight Hour (Lyrics)
  14. Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
  15. one more- superchick
  16. Hope 7-I want Everything
  17. Furlough Behind The Scenes at Showcase Minnesota
  18. Carolina Liar - When You Are Near lyrics
  19. Sing Me a Love Song- BarlowGirl
  20. Barlow Girl - Never Alone (Acoustic)
  21. 04 Yiruma: River Flows In You
  22. Howie Day - Collide
  23. Howie Day - She Says
  24. Iris Music Video - City Of Angels
  25. Lene Marlin - Here We Are (Official Video)
  26. All She Wrote- Ross Coperman
  27. Sandi Thom - What if I'm right? [music video]
  28. Gary Go - Wonderful
To listen to it all on youtube click here.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are some hidden jewel bands that make you feel empowered, or moved? What kind of music moves you most? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Being Indie: Indie Appreciation Week

Celebrate your individuality and love your independence.

My Dearest Devotees,

I love being myself. I am independent, and to me this means that I am independent thinker. I form my own opinions and I do not mass think. I try to make sure that never follow the crowd blindly or accept information without questioning its source. It also means that I am quite adventurous and curious about the world. I always want to know the why behind everything. Knowing the why behind things helps me makes informed decisions. To me, being independent also means that I love to explore. Trying out new things and travelling to new places is almost constantly on my mind, and meeting new people is par for the course.

When I was younger, I couldn’t wait for the day I would go away to university, and this was because I looked at it as a huge adventure. It was never something I feared and distance from home was never a factor. Now that I’m here I still don’t feel differently. Some days I wake up and can’t still believe where I am and how far I’ve come. When I catch myself doing “grown-up things” like paying the bills and making doctors appointments I still wonder the time has gone. When I came to university I never really felt homesick. I missed my family and friends, but being able to do my own thing sits really well with me. I’m the kind of person that likes to dance to my own drum and be my own person. Since coming to the blogosphere (almost a year ago now!) I’ve met so many lovely and wonderfully unique people that are beautifully independent and strong in their own ways, and I’ve decided I would to make this week “ Indie Appreciation Week”. I know that there has been a subculture built around being ‘indie’ with particular things to identify but I feel this is against the whole point of being independent. Therefore, the list below is what being independent means to me.

Doing yoga to de- stress

Making my own decisions about my faith and actively taking part in it.

Making my own decisions about all sorts of topics- big and small.

Owning my personal style.

Wearing loads of chiffon and billowy shirts.

Taking loads of seemingly random classes (but not really) that challenge me and make me think.

Reading tons of non-fiction and fiction books.

Getting on top of things by being organized in my random and sporadic nature so that I can do all I want to do.

Being comfortable in my relationships with people.

Standing up for what I believe in .

Living in beautiful floral prints.

Wearing flowers in my hair.

Essentially emulating gyspy style and making it mine.

Buying a fabulous leather trunk – vintage or antique

Go vintage/flea market, etc shopping to get unique pieces for my room

Finding out about tarot cards.

Learning widely different styles of dance- I’m taking ballroom and hip hop this summer.

Wearing lots of lovely, lovely vests.

Having an owl- a snowy one like Hedwig.

Hanging ethnic printed carpets and fabrics around the room e.g. wrapping a TV in jewel toned sarong and (false) peacock feathers.

Wearing loads of beautifully colored scarves

Enjoying fabulous poetry

Learning to ride a horse

Travelling as much as possible by plane, train or road

Chemically developing my black and white photos with my vintage Canon SLR camera.

Always seeking to experience different cultures.

Reading loads and loads of books on different cultures and about people that are different from you

Meditate upon every topic under the sun.

Wear loads of gold colored jewelry.

Trying out loads of crafts: knitting, basket weaving, jewelry making, etc.

Trying out loads of art forms: painting, designing, drawing, etc

Dancing with abandon but to the beat and with rhythm in my room and in wide, open fields.

Listening to folksy, vocal and instrumentally dominant music. Think Iron and Wine, and Furlough but also to any kind of music that takes my fancy and speaks to my soul.

Recording my music and putting them on CDs.

Visit parks and open fields. Keep in touch with nature.

Learning to control my range vocally and to play piano.

Being open to different culture and the possibility of learning new languages.

(All photos from: We Heart it)

Love you all and Stay Inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What does being independent mean to you and how do you celebrate your independence? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Life's A Debate: Stash or Slash (or How some companies find it so hard to recycle)

My darling devotees,

A couple of nights ago, I watched Blood, Sweat and Luxuries a TV show about a couple of privileged young British consumers who are taken to the parts of Asia and Africa where some of their luxury goods are originally sourced and made to experience the low standards of living that the average third-world luxury good worker has to survive with. In the episode I watched, the young adults were taken to Ethiopia, to work on coffee plantations and in coffee drying factories, alongside local workers, and to try and survive on the ridiculously low wages (of about a $1 a day ) the people have to survive on each day. By the end of the episode, quite a few of them had formed some pretty strong opinions about the luxury good industry at large and the coffee industry in particular. Some were tearing up at the injustice of it all and others claimed to be determined to buy only fair trade from now on. In another episode, they were horrified by how much of the toxic technological trash of the West ends up on the coast of countries like Ghana, and appalled by the poverty in which the people who mine gold live.

Watching this show filled me with so much sadness and a huge sense of injustice. I try to focus on the bright side and good things in life as much as possible but I am very aware that there are many things wrong with the world in which we live. I do not divorce myself from it and pretend it doesn't exist, instead I acknowledge it's presence and try to fix what ails the world while not letting it get me down. I am amazed by the number of people that can be aware of all the hurt and turn a blind eye. Some claim that you can't fix everything so why even try, but just because you can't save everyone doesn't mean you shouldn't save anyone. No one can person can save the world alone but I really believe that if we all make an effort, we can really change things up.

Now the debate comes in with what exactly is constituted as making an effort? Should clothing companies be allowed to slash their unsold goods when there are people desperately in need of clothing all over the world? Should luxury good refiners in the first world be allowed to pay so little for the primary goods they get from the third world countries when they make so much more from the finished goods? My answer to both questions is no, but that's just my opinion. I don't own any of these companies or have any direct influence on them so alone I probably can't make them change but if more people support stores that are fair trade then there will be pressure on the other companies to change.
But yeah. Now you know where I stand on the fair trade issue, I would love to know what you all think about fair trade and any of the other similar issues, like buying cheap clothes that are non- fair trade, which probably means they come from sweat shops, as opposed to buying slightly more expensive clothing. Give me your opinions about what ails the world and how we should fix it in the comments below.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. Are you vegan or vegetarian for the environment? What do you think about fair trade? Do you think that their should be policies prohibiting things like slashing unused goods? What about policies about recycling and pollution? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Blogger Award from Chocolate Lemonade and New Blogger Tag (sorta :P)

Dearest Devotees,
As I was catching up on my blog reading last night I stumbled across an award for me from Catie of Chocolate Lemonade! Thank you Catie! She is fabulous and real and if you haven't already you should check out her blog and spread the love :)

The only rules for this award is to place it on the blog and link to 13 of my most beloved bloggers. This is always really hard because I know so many beautiful and wonderful bloggers and would really love to give it to all the bloggers I love but c'est pas possible.

I pass this award to:

And now for the Blogger Tag:
I think I'll call it the "3-5-3" tag.
List 3 things that you would want on a deserted island if there was food and water.
List 5 of your favorite novels of all time.
Tag 3 other bloggers.

I'll go first.

Three things I'd want on a deserted island:

1. My Bible (I might be there for a while and my faith is important to me)
2. My Drawing Kit (pencil, pen, eraser, sharpener and Sketchbook)
3. Notebook ( I always want to be able to write a novel, a new song, etc at a moments notice.)
5 0f my Favorite novels of all time in no particular order.
1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery- I just loved Anne Shirley.
2. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling- Really hard to pick one but if I had to I would pick book 4.
3. Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot- I think Book 3 because it was the pivotal part of Mia and Michael's relationship- when he told her he loved her via the cutest most romantic computer message in the history of time.
4. Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief- Two words by Rick Riordan: Greek Mythology.
5. If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern. Words cannot describe my love for this book. P.S. I love you was great but if you haven't read this, please do. You won't be sorry.

And I pass this tag to:

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What kind of books do you love to read? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Into My Fashion and Beauty Treasure Chest...My Top 10 Fashion and Beauty treasures

Photo from: Tumblr

Darling Devotees,
Lately I've been looking to shake up my style a bit. I'v been Boho-Whimsical quite steadily for almost two years now and I feel like a change. I was thinking something with more of an edge and I know that a more chic style has been appealing to me too. But I can't totally leave bright colors alone either. Oh decisions! Anyway, I don't know why but lately I keep getting asked that really odd question about what you would take with you on a deserted island if you could only take 3 things. I still haven't come up with an answer but it did make me what the key elements of my personal style are and this list is what I came up with.

1. Cocktail Rings: I love all rings and own quite a few but I especially love cocktail rings! When it comes to jewelry on me I've discovered that bigger is better. My favorite ring is a big and beautiful gold flower ring I got from So Good Jewelry.

2. All up in your face prints: Polka-dots, stripes, florals, plaid, separately or all together I love them all.

3. Scarves- I must own about 10 and although I don't mean to perpetuate the European style stereotype I'm pretty sure this is something I acquired from the Swiss.

4. Anything in Purple and the Aqua Blue- Teal Spectrum: My room and wardrobe are covered in these two (three?) colors.

5. Vests: I think its amazing how these tiny pieces of clothing can instantly change a whole outfit.

6. Boots: I love boots so much if I could I would wear them everyday.

7. Cleanser: Although, I don't wear make-up most days cleaning my face with an alcoholic cleanser before I go to bed helps me keep my skin smooth and pimple-free.

8. Black mascara, and eyeliner: It's the gypsy in me that makes me love this.

9. Glossy lip balm: What I wear to balance the effect of my lined eyes.

10. Red Lipstick- If you are going to do something, might as well do it right.I rarely wear lipstick because I prefer to do my eyes but I just can't resist the chicness of red lipstick. It just screams style.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What are your key fashion and beauty elements? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
Tuesday, 11 May 2010

If I Had One Wish... I would be a gypsy

Dearest Devotees,

Spinning silks in shades of light
Velvet dark as shadowed night.

Whirling dancers with eyes like jet
Centuries have not tamed us yet!

Ever since I first watched Gypsy Girl when I was 10, and read all of the books in the series by Elizabeth Arnold about a young gypsy girl who lived with her gypsy family in their caravan at the end of a suburban street, I've been intrigued by the romanticized gypsy life. All the colors in their clothes and in their homes, their free-spiritedness, closeness to nature and artistic abilities, their inherent quirkiness and individuality, and familial closeness caught my attention. Our shared love of traveling and the fact that I have spent most of my life on the move, also attracted me and ever since then my style has had some romany (gypsy-related) elements in it. If you are like me and harbor dreams of being a gypsy, read on.

Fashion and Style
The easiest way to embrace this style is by channeling your bohemian leanings. The bohemian trend was largely influenced by romany style dressing. So think gypsy skirts, peasant tops, tunics, exotic prints, tons of jewelry and color (especially jewel tones).

When it comes to the gypsy style beauty there are two ways you can go: natural or jeweled. The Natural look has to do with accenting your current attributes in such a way that you don't look like you are wearing make-up. The jeweled look has to do with jewel tone polish and eye-shadow, smokey-black eyes with black mascara and eyeliner and lightly glosses lips.

What to do

Try out palm reading.

Go thrift store and antique shop hunting. You can probably pick up some really fantastic unique pieces for your wardrobe.

Listen to "indie" type music. Think lighthearted, light-spirited acoustic style music e.g anything Iron and Wine, Blue glass by Furlough, etc.

Go horseback riding.

Take your favorite art supplies ( notebook and pen, sketchbook and pencil, paints, camera, etc) and go to your closest connection to nature. Spend an afternoon allowing nature to inspire you.

Lay in a field and watch clouds go by or if its raining feel free to play in the rain.

Have friends and family over, and have a bonfire/campfire night out. Dance around the campfire.

Go flower and/or fruit picking.

Explore a nearby town, a different neighborhood, or if you can't physically go anywhere try heading to the library and distancing yourself from reality through reading.

Don't forget to have fun on your own and with other people.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know know what you think. Have you ever desired to be a traveller/gypsy/Romany? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

P.P.S I am in no way an expert and honestly this is all for fun, and based off fictional gypsies. I do not intend to offend anyone and if you happen to know more about the subject I would most definitely love to hear from you via email at
Sunday, 9 May 2010

Seeking Inspiration: Cross Training

Photo from : tumblr

My Dearest Devotees,
Sometimes, I go through periods of inspirational drought. Every time I try to write, or design, or create art through one of my regular mediums I encounter a huge mind block that cripples me creatively. Sometimes, I just get bored of using the same materials or skills all the time. I long for something different and desire a new challenge. At these times, just being thrown out of your comfort zone and having to make use of skills you didn't even know you had is enough to get you inspired. I'm talking about cross-training.

During the last undergraduate retreat I attended, we talked about how athletes sometimes use cross-training to improve certain skills. For example, a basketball player could do gymnastics to improve his/her agility on the court. During the retreat we were told about how we could cross train in our faith, by using different types of prayer. And after taking all the classes I took last semester, I've been trying to figure out how I can cross-train by trying out different forms of art. For the longest time, I've been a writer. Ever since I was eight, I've been writing poetry and short stories. Since then I've written songs, blog posts, a short novel, a short play, and worked on plots for movies, and sitcoms. I've been designing clothes since I was 12. Coming up with new ideas gets hard after a while and just the thrill of trying something new could give a totally new approach. Who knows? You may even a stumble on a hidden talent.

I'm going to take a break from my fashion designer dreams for a while and dive full speed ahead into music and visual arts ( mostly drawing and painting still lifes and human figures.) I've no idea where it'll take me, but I'm really excited to see. I say taking a break because it's hard to imagine that I won't still be caught in fabric stores picking out swatches for my next project in a couple of weeks, but it's all about taking it out of first place and putting it in maybe second place? My darling devotees, if you've been feeling uninspired whenever you take to your art form of choice, why not take another route? Cross-train with me and if you have any ideas of different art forms you think I should try you can let me know in the comments or email me at

Here's the inspirational exercise for this week:
How do you translate this picture into your favorite art form? Or you could translate it into a totally different art form to start your cross-training practice.

My Translation:
At this very moment I felt like I could fly.

As the ground beneath me disappeared, dashed dreams and lost ambitions were left behind.

And hope filled me completely.

Suddenly, I could see a future where I would be happy- where everything I wanted could and would happen.
As my feet reached over the sun, I leaned back, prepared to jump.

And took a flying leap into the great beyond.

I'm also working on a silhouette drawing of this picture that I may show you all later this week in another post.

Links that have inspired me this week

I think Doe Deere is absolutely wonderful for doing this.

This song has nothing to do with this post but it makes me soo happy. It's Matt Hires Honey Let Me Sing You a Song.

I really loved this post on being an 18th Century mortician. Who knew they could be so stylish?

I thinking making my dorm room green may just be one of the best ideas I've ever heard.

We can either sit around and sulk about what sucks in our lives or we could decide to do something about it. A advocates the second in this post.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. What inspired you this week? What is your favorite art form and what would you try out if you were cross-training? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mirror Me: I love Teal and Leopard prints

Cocktail ring: So Good Jewelry
Earrings: Iam's
Vest: H and M
Dress: Tailored from African traditional material
Shoes: black thrifted pumps?

My Darling Devotees,

I have finally turned in my costume design project on the opera, Werther, and after having spent the whole week trying to complete it I can not completely explain the immense feeling of relief that overcame me. As soon as my Economics exam was over I was free!!! And after a day of traveling, I am finally back home now and able to carry out some of the plans I've been keeping on the back burner for the past couple of weeks. I will let you know more about each one as they come to realization, but most of all I'm just really happy to be back with you amazing people.
On the plane home, I watched 3 really interesting but really different movies. The first one was Percy Jackson, which was an amazing movie! It was seriously one of the best movies I've seen this year and one of the best based on books movies I have ever seen. It was quite true to the use of Greek mythology in the book but was still an epic movie in its own right. The second movie was It's Complicated, and I thought it was definitely a good romantic comedy but not really memorable. The 3rd one Leap Year and it was incredibly memorable and truly lovely. Although it was a romantic comedy too, it somehow managed to balance the hilarious comedic aspect with the sweet romantic aspect. Plus it was mostly set in Ireland and you all know how much I love Ireland. All in all, I totally recommend it.

Finally, I'm currently trying to catch up on all of my blog trawling and commenting so I can see what's good out there for this week's Seeking Inspiration post, and just to know how the blogosphere's been so if you have a blog and want me to stop by and say hi just let me know in the comments below.

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. Does the dress I wore seem semi-formal to you? What is your definition of semi-formal?Have you seen any of the movies above? What did you think of them? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
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Say Hey My darlings
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I love my darlings

I love my darlings
from Canadieren

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