Sunday, 2 August 2009

Beauty Basics: My Top 10 Beauty Tips

Beauty tips, much like gorgeous antique jewelry, get passed on from generation to generation, sometimes tweaked, sometimes updated but somehow always present. I have no idea how many times in my life I've picked up a new one along the way but these 10 tips are the ones that have stayed with me through thick and thin and have even become a part of my daily routine. They are:

1. Cleanse every night without fail: I know its hard. Trust me, I would be the first person to admit that their have been times that I've just been too exhausted to bother washing/cleansing my face before bed. But every time I do, I always end up regretting it. If you can't bring yourself to wash your face (at least) every night before bed, then invest in wipes, or a good cleanser and some cotton (whether you use make-up or not). I love everything Clearasil but my favorite cleanser would have to be Clearasil Ultra Cleanser.

2. Foundation before concealer: Now I admit, I am a Style Network addict, so I can really can't say where I first heard this tip from. But what I can tell you is that it works. Basically, if you put foundation all over your face and neck before you put concealer under eyes, you will be able to use less concealer (and less time) to create a more natural effect. Perfect for the stylish college girl on the run.

3.Lip balm (or even Vaseline) on your lips before bed: Something else that has become a part of my nightly routine. It ensures that your lips are naturally soft and smooth on a regular basis.

4. Drinking fruity and carbonated drinks with a straw: Now, I'm not really sure if it's a beauty tip but it is important to keep your teeth healthy and your smile gorgeous. This is because carbonated drinks like soda and acidic fruit drinks like orange juice weaken the enamel and leave your teeth defenceless and more transparent.

5. Having a manicure, pedicure and facial regularly: I'm not even saying that you should have an expensive one. If you're low on cash or time and can only be able to do it at the end of the day on a holiday weekend, go for it! You can even make a party of it by inviting friends over and doing it together. You'll feel much better for it.

6. The Eyes/Mouth Balancing act: True style is all about balance: balancing the top with the bottom, the earrings with necklace and the eye make-up with the mouth. Always remember to emphasize one or the other, never both. So if your making up your eyes, keep the mouth make-up to minimum usually, a light, or colourless gloss depending on your look.

7. If you have acne, foundation/concealer is not going to help: I know it's highly tempting to just cover up every spot with concealer or foundation, but just think about it. The reason you have the spots is because your pores are blocked, more make-up is only going to block it more. If you must cover it up when you go out, make sure you cleanse as soon as you return.
8. Find your own scent and rock it: Your personal scent is apart of your personal style. It does not have to be come from expensive cream or perfume. It can come from anything and as long as you love it and it makes you feel good about yourself then its perfect.

9. Use Sunblock/Sunscreen: This goes for everyone, regardless of your age, sex or skin colour. Using SPF 15 sunblock goes a long way in preventing the effects of aging caused by sun damage and skin cancer.

10. Drink loads of water: It had to be said. I mean, even my mother would swear by it. The truth is water is a wonderful natural agent because of its many health and beauty benefits. Basically, it purges your system and apparently decreases the occurence of pimples leading to smoother skin and a healthier complexion. What's not to love?

These are my favorite beauty tips in no particular order. Some of them , I've only recently acquired and some of them I've used almost forever. There are other tips, like brushing every night before bed, that are important to me and my routine too but, that's for another day.

Love you all and Stay Inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. Are any of these tips among your top 10? What are your favorite beauty tips? Feel free to tell me in the Comments below.

(Image thanks to Sashamd)


Little Red said...

Nice post! Definitely some great tips!
There are plenty of foundations that won't aggravate acne though. And they can still allow the acne to heal.

Aury said...

-Little Red thanks for the info and the comment!

Sarah Von said...

You are *so* right! Embarrassingly, I'm not as on top of the nightly cleaning as I should be ... occasionally a girl has to fall asleep in her Harry Potter, right? ;)

Aury said...

-Sarah Von: LOL..It aint easy :)

Laura's Style said...

I totally agree with all of these tips!

Aury said...

-Laura's style:
Thanks for the comment darling!

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