Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Life's a Debate: No Drinking, No Clubbing, No Tanning?

When I first heard that tanning beds had been declared a Group 1 Carcinogen or cancer causing agent (along with smoking tobacco, sunlight, asbetos and a few others), I just knew that this would lead to a huge press and political situation. And guess what? I wasn't disappointed.

Apparently, this information has led to serious talks about restricting and even prohibiting the use of tanning beds by under-18s. This is mainly because, tanning beds have been discovered to increase the risk of melanoma (basically skin cancer) by 75% if used before the age of 30. Therefore, these laws are being put in place in order to protect children and kids in their early teens. However, tanning beds are not only a risk to children ,as they can more than double your risk of skin cancer at any age. Because of this, many governments and health organisations are warning the general public against their regular use.

Despite all this information, the Indoor Tanning Association believes that this is a hype and have even released an ad claiming that people should not be give in to the hype. It claims that the UV radiation that it gives out is controlled and therefore not dangerous. In response to this, health specialists claim that the use of a tanning bed can be compared to using SPF 2 or 3 on a sunny day i.e. not much better.

In the end, people will do what they want. Governments can try their best to decrease the use of tanning beds through the under-18 bans and through warnings but the truth is that it is some people may decide to continue their weekly tanning appointments anyway. I personally wouldn't be willing to take chances on my health like that, but people aren't the same.

Love you all and Stay Inspired,

P.S. So tell me what you think. Should the use of tanning beds be banned for under-18s? Should other measures be used to restrict indoor tanning? Or do you think that the decision to tan should be left to the individual? Feel free to tell me in the Comments below.


Elaine said...

I say people should do whatever they want. If people want to get skin cancer, let them tan! That will be their downfall due to their ignorance...

Aury said...

- Elaine: Interesting take on the situation. Thanks for commenting!

Luinae said...

I would personally never tan. My skin in really pale and I like it that way!
I hate those people who tan all the time and there skin looks like leather and it is soooooo fake. I think the goverment can warn people all they want, and it is dangerous. But there is always going to be idiots!

futuregirl said...

I think people should be able to kill, injure, and maim themselves any way they see fit, as long as they aren't also killing other people. Smoking is one of those things that, while I don't care if someone does it, I do care when I have to breath their toxic fumes. Tanning, on the other hand, doesn't hurt anyone except the person doing it ... so I say, go for it.

Oh, and I also think that people who choose to do stuff like this shouldn't get medical coverage to deal with the effects. It's one thing to have a disease, it's another thing to *give* yourself a medical issue. I wouldn't be for covering people who keep cutting off their own arms, either. My insurance premiums shouldn't be high because someone else decides they want to give themselves skin cancer.

Aury said...

-Luinae: I totally respect people that feel can appreciate themselves as they are. That being said, I don't know why people that want some colour can't make use of spray tans or tanning creams like Dove's Summer Glow instead.

-future girl: I hear what you're saying. Why should I suffer because of the consequences of someone else's informed decision.

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