Sunday, 21 February 2010

Checking in With Reality: 21/02/10


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Dearest Devotees,

Since the last time I posted on this topic (two weeks ago. I know I'm sorry) I have accomplished this:

  • Redesigned and renovated my blog, complete with new header and tons and tons of new ideas I can't wait to share with you.

  • Met and made friends with loads of lovely people in my classes and on my Catholic Centre retreat.

  • Found some scholarships to apply for, and begun to work on them.

  • Moved to whole new plane and level in my spiritual life, courtesy of fab CC retreat.

  • Come up with a new song and started recording on my new Mac!!!!

  • Formed study groups with aforementioned lovely people.

I have modified this:

  • I realised that I want to partake in NaNoWriMO with other people and since I only have one novel I want to get done this year, I'll do it then.

  • I need to spend more time on practicing piano skills and will therefore up practice time by an hour for awhile.

I have learnt this:

  • I need to make an all encompassing schedule-calendar that shows me all major projects, and minor ones and when they need to be done.

I will do this next week:

  • I will get up some of my new post ideas. I really hope you like them :)
  • I will get all of my files moved from my old laptop to my new mac.
  • I will study hard for all my exams and do all my major projects . If my costume design renderings turn out well I'll share them with you all.
  • I'll practice singing and playing my songs.

How have your aspirations been coming along?

Love you all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. By the way, thank you for all of your constructive criticisms and beautifully encouraging comments. You help become better and give me such amazing support. I am so glad to have such amazing devotees and I promise to continue to give you my best efforts.


Anonymous said...

The new look is absolutely divine!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Remember to have fun!
Congrats on your new Mac. I just got mine this year, and boy do I love it! xo.

Sherin said...

The new layout looks so great. The background colours are so pretty. Good to have you back!

Aury said...

Thanks love!

-Citizen Rosebud:
Girl trust me, I totally do.

Thanks so much Sherin. I'm glad u like them :)

Love you all immensely.

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