Friday, 18 December 2009

Seeking Inspiration: Collide

Picture from: Ashley Rose
Dearest Devotees,
Wow, what a week! After my finals on Thursday and Friday, shopping on Saturday I was totally snowed in and barely left my friend's dorm on Sunday. On Monday, I had to do some crazy last minute packing and finally began my journey back to Switzerland at 4pm. After many hours of delay and layover time, I got back home a couple of hours ago and I can honestly say I'm glad to be free of school work for the holidays. But I digress.
A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a song by Howie Day called Collide and ever since then I've been obsessed with situations in which two wildly different people, art forms, skills and so on can collide to make something beautiful. You see, the song is about how, when two totally different people meet and fall in love there is originally some doubt in their minds about how their relationship could possibly work , but then they soon realise that somehow their differences work out to make them perfect for each other. It's like that moment that you realise your av Avante-Garde fashion choices, or unusual colour palettes in a painting, or your rock lyrics with a soft melody have actually found a way to work. It just goes to show that just because a particular decision is unusual or novel does it mean its doomed to fail.
In fact, I think the willingness to take that chance and try out something-whether its collaborating on a song or visual art work with an artist in a different genre than you, or just deciding to wear your black rocker chic jacket with your super girly gypsy skirt- is a sign of a truly creative person. The best thing about taking th
is risk though is that, even if the combination doesn't come out well you will definitely emerge from the experience with more knowledge, wisdom, and maybe even inspiration for something else.

To get you started here are some links to works I think collided beautifully:

Denis Collette has an absolutely lovely photostream on flickr that includes the picture below and many
I just discovered this cute blog that introduces itself as Apifera Farm: where animals, art and lavender collide

=simoendli on Deviant Art seriously has some of the most beautiful shots I have ever seen, the colours mix in such a surreal way making them seem like something from another land.

Holly Appling is a blog on poetry and all I needed was to see the poem I have linked and I knew I'd found a new source of constant inspiration!

Love you
all and Stay inspired,

P.S. So let me know what you think. Do you believe that a collaboration or combination has to have some clear link thatr brings them together for it to work? Have you ever taken a chance by working outside the fabled 'box'? How did it turn out? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.
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Zmaga said...

The song by Howie Day is beautiful,and so are the photos on Devian Art.
I am not a good example of a person who is creating out of the box, but I think that every relationship, especially friendship, with someone entirely different can be an adventure and a lesson.

Aury said...

-Zmaga: I agree that every relationship can be an adventure and a lesson because everyone has different experiences and backgrounds that shape who they are and when two people from different backgrounds meet, they can learn from each other's experiences and therefore be more exposed to different aspects of life.

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